The 6 Most Stressful Things About Moving

I asked some of the sales staff here at Razorback Moving LLC on what they feel are some of the most stressful things that they believe that their customers are struggling with the most when they move. This was the answers that I received from them:

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The Price
The Time
The Kids and School
The Pets
The Quality
The Unknown

Now I am going to hit on each and every one of these things and then provide a simple solution to all of these key things that you can find to be stressful when you are moving.

First off, it’s always about price. Can I afford to move? Can I afford a Fayetteville moving company? What is it going to cost me? Am I being scammed by my Fayetteville ar movers? All of these are questions that revolve around price and can really stress you out. It’s a lot to think about and stress over and we totally understand!

When it comes to price, always be sure to get a minimum of 3 moving estimates from 3 reputable Fayetteville moving companies. Then compare them, don’t just look at the estimate final amount. Examine all of the charges closely.

Perhaps one Fayetteville mover included mattress bags for your beds and the other didn’t. Perhaps one of the Fayetteville movers thinks that you have 6,000 pounds and the other company thinks that you have 4,000 pounds. Perhaps one moving company included valuation on your move and another company didn’t. Valuation is EXTREMELY important and I explain it a little more in depth in my post called “Insurance Options.” All of these little things change the price of your move.

Explore your estimates and if one of the movers in Fayetteville isn’t offering you all of the services that another company is offering you, then of course there will be a difference in price on the final amount.

Remember, it’s fair to say that if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. You should never go with a really low ball quote because you do not want them charging you additional money upon delivery. Check out what the BBB has to say about moving.

Ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask your moving companies in Fayetteville Arkansas to revise their quote based on the services they may not have originally included in their price.

Also, always make sure that you get a fixed price bid. This protects you from the moving company trying to charge you additional money above and beyond the quoted amount.

Now moving on to the next topic – One of the most valuable things that you have in the world is your time. Managing your time is already enough work and there really never is enough time as it is. One of the great resources that we offer to help save you valuable time is your personal online move planner. 

You can look at your moving documents, moving checklists, packing tips and even special offers from other Fayetteville ar moving companies and discounts. You can also check out the schools, find a realtor and you can get cash back by using the referral program. It’s a really great way to have everything with regard to your move all in one easy convenient location that actually helps save you time.

This move planner also helps give you information about moving with kids or moving with pets, or you can check out my recent article about How to Keep Your Pet Feeling Secure During Your Move.

You can also take a look at the article “Relieving the Hidden Stress of Moving

How do you know that you are choosing a quality Fayetteville Moving Company? Well, ask them the right questions! If you ask the right questions before you move, you will eventually find out that you are more comfortable with a certain one. What questions should you ask? Check out another recent article called “Strategies for Keeping Moving Costs Down

We understand that this is a lot of information to take in, but we also assure you that these various resources will dramatically reduce the stress of price, time, kids, school, pets and the unknown. 

For additional information, here is another great article about The Essentials Of Moving.

We hope that this helps you in making an informed and educated decision before you choose a moving company in Fayetteville Ar to handle your move.

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