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Not only is moving a stressful time but so is the whole process of buying and selling
Eureka Springs Ar Moversa home.  Here at Razorback Moving LLC Eureka Springs we would love to help with your move and relieve some of that stress for you!  Although we can’t help with the buying and selling aspect we would still love to offer you some tips.  We hope you find these helpful as you are preparing and updating your home prior to placing it on the market.

One of these updates is fresh paint.  It is very common to use neutral colors when repainting your home to sell.  Not only do you want to update the inside of your house but the outside may need touched up as well.  If the outside does not need painted you could also power wash it to give it a clean, refreshed look.

In addition to fresh paint you will want to repair or replace any old or damaged items.  You may already know of areas that require this work but you will also want to do a walk through of your house to scope out any additional repairs.  Do this walk through as a potential buyer and pinpoint any details that you would need fixed prior to making an offer and don’t forget to check out the outside of your house also!

Staging is a very big part of the preparation of your home too.  When staging, it is very common to remove multiple items from your rooms in order to help them look as open and spacious as possible.  While going through every room remember to remove anything you can from closets; those are a big selling items and you want them to look as large as possible also.  The problem with staging is finding where to put the removed items.  Often times they will be placed in a garage, basement, or storage facility.  If you’re interested in storage give us a call, we’d love to tell you about our facility at Razorback Moving LLC Eureka Springs!

Remove personal items such as pictures, as well as wall hangings. Personal items can distract the buyer from what your home has to offer them.  Too many wall hangings can clutter the room and give the perception of a smaller area.  You want the potential buyer(s) to see a large, open area and leave them imagining all the ways to make the space their own.

Be sure that your home’s curb appeal is at it’s best.  Ensure that the front yard is free of weeds, sticks, etc and make sure that the lawn is mowed.  If the house has no curb appeal the potential buyers may not even come in to view the rest of your home.  A freshly painted door never hurt either, after all potential buyers will see this up close.

Of course don’t forget to hire a mover!  Give us a call, we’d love to come give you a free in-home survey and help keep your move stress-free!

479.636.0310   OR   support@razorbackmoving.com

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