Welcome to our Spa/Hot Tub Moving specialty section. We have moved just about every make and model through just about every possible terrain. Moving a spa is not something people should do on their own. These items weigh 1000lbs on average and require a team with experience and patience. Please make sure to read this section completely, it has VERY valuable information about what you would need  to know before hiring a spa / hot tub mover.

Hot Tub Moving Rogers Arkansas

Measure the spa / hot tub. Our pricing is based on many factors, the size of the spa / hot tub is one of these factors.

  • Make sure that the spa / hot tub is disconnected by your licensed electrician or any licensed electrician.
  • The spa / hot tub must be drained prior to our arrival. Draining a spa hot tub can take up to 3hrs!
  • EXTREMELY important: The most common problem when moving a spa is forgetting to measure the most important areas… the house awnings/roof corners . Make sure that you measure both locations.
  • Schedule the pick up time with the selling party (if purchasing the spa / hot tub from somewhere).



We can dispose of your spa / hot tub. Most of the time a spa / hot tub that needs to be disposed of is either mechanically broken, leaking or too old to sell.
We have a few ways of disposing of a spa / hot tub.

  • Simply move it out if it fits through the side of the house or whatever path it needs to go through.
  • Cut the spa / hot tub into 4-6 pieces. This method does take a bit longer than a crane, but will save you on average $200-$350 on to of the disposal fee
    and hauling job.
  • Crane service. This is a last resort. Although faster, it will cost you a lot more. Our goal is to save you as much money as possible while
    still getting the job done correctly.

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